Dizzy Gillespie in Turin

1981.  Dizzy performed with the Turin Symphonic Orchestra, with arrangements by Tom McIntosh.  Francesco with the Diz by the rehearsal hall.  Dizzy liked to sport the most unusual hats when not wearing his signature basque on stage.

Dizzy Gillespie in Rome

1980.  Francesco chaperoning Dizzy Gillespie in Rome on a visit to the Circus Maximus (the Coliseum).  Dizzy remained a life long friend of the family, and founded with Lilian Terry the “Dizzy Gillespie School of Music” in Bassano Del Grappa, in Italy.

Abbey Lincoln in Rome

1980, Rome - Francesco with Abbey Lincoln

1980. Francesco age 20 at home in Rome, Italy, with the great singer Abbey Lincoln, visiting Europe with the Max Roach ensemble.  Francesco grew up in an international musical environment thanks to his mother, Lilian Terry, who for decades worked as jazz singer, TV and radio broadcaster, and concert organizer.

Italy 2011: Valdagno – Concerto

Francesco Crosara Trio

Live trio performance at the Teatro Super, in Francesco’s hometown, Valdagno, Italy, October 7, 2011. 
Featuring: Edu Hebling (bass), Mauro Beggio (drums).

Click on the picture to read the review (in Italian).

Japan Tour 2009: Kansai Music Conference

Live performance for the Kansai Music Conference festival, Jazz On Top – Act III in Osaka, September 20, 2009.  Featuring: Yasushi Gonjo (bass), Larry Marshall (drums), Eric Weigmann (percussions & vocals).  Special guest, Karlex Antoine (guitar & vocals).



Japan Tour 2009: Osaka – Wazz Club

Live video recording session at Wazz Jazz Club in Osaka, September 18, 2009.  Featuring: Yasushi Gonjo (bass), Larry Marshall (drums), Eric Weigmann (percussions & vocals).  Video directed by Aaron Walker.