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Francesco grew up in an international musical environment thanks to his mother, Lilian Terry, who for decades worked as jazz singer, TV and radio broadcaster, educator, and concert organizer in Italy. This gallery features family and concert photos with jazz greats, including Dizzy Gillespie, Lionel Hampton, Chick Corea, Abbey Lincoln, Von Freeman, Richie Cole, and more.

Since moving to Washington State at the end of 2016, Francesco has been busy performing in the music scene. This photo album features many wonderful musicians that exemplify the warm spirit and the creativity of the Pacific Northwest: Gail Pettis, Alexey Nikolaev, Jay Thomas, Mark Ivester, Clipper Anderson, Farko Dosumov, D'Vonne Lewis, Mark Lewis, Phil Sparks, Bruce Phares, Milo Petersen, Jeff Busch, Osama Afifi, Kareem Kandi, Jean Lenke, Dan Duval, Chris Bickley, Al Alto, Tammy Frost, Osama Afifi, Steve Bentley, Derick Polk, Steve Luceno, Ryan Donnelly, Ted Enderle, Neil Conaty, Chuck Easton, Glenn Young and many more.

In June 2014, Francesco returned to Honolulu for 2 special performances: a reunion piano & vibraphone duet with Noel Okimoto at Hawaii Public Radios's Atherton Performing Arts Auditorium; a piano trio concert with John Kolivas on bass and Darryl Pellegrini on drums at the new Medici's Jazz Club.

Live piano jazz trio benefit concert at the Teatro Super, in Francesco's father's hometown, Valdagno, Italy, on October 7, 2011.  Featuring: Edu Hebling (bass), Mauro Beggio (drums). The concert resulted in the recording of a limited private release CD "Concerto". Photos courtesy of Teresa De Toni, Gilberto Bicego, Carlo Bosa.

In 2008 and 2009, Francesco went on tour in Japan with a talented group, featuring Larry Marshall on drums, Yasushi Gonjo on bass, and Eric Wiegmann on percussions and drums. As part of the Kansai Music Conference (KMC), the tour covered the Kansai region, with performances in Osaka, Kyoto, Amagasaki, Namba. As a result, Francesco recorded the CD "Kurama" as well as live video footage from the Wazz Jazz Club in Osaka.

In 2005 and 2006, Francesco returned to Mexico to perform at the Morelia Jazztival with a talented sextet led by Juan Alzate on tenor sax, and Cuban master percussionist (and Grammy Award winner) Roberto Vizcaino.  Playing to a sold out audience in the enclosed square of a former 17th century cloister, the latin jazz quintet performed mostly original compositions by Francesco, a blend of Jazz, Classical, Afro Cuban and South American influences with vibrant percussive and rhythmic elements. Prior to the concert, Francesco conducted a master piano class at the Conservatorio De Las Rosas.

Performance photos for the first half of the 2000s, including a piano solo concert recording at KHPR in Honolulu, and CD release of the album "Notes". Music performances and recording sessions in Chicago with the great Von Freeman, Lilian Terry and an international ensemble, and CD release of the album "Emotions". Photos from LA live at Charlie O's with Don Menza, John Heard, Ralph Penland, and Mayuto Correa. Live performance with Lilian Terry in Cannes, France at the MIDEM 2003 Festival.

Performance photos from the 1990s. See Francesco play in Hawaii with Gabe Baltazar and Lilian Terry, record his first CD "Energy", participate in the '92 Universal Expo in Sevilla, Spain, perform with Bruce Forman in San Francisco, and join Von Freeman in Chicago in live performances and recording of Francesco's CD "Colors".

Performance photos from the 1980s. See Francesco in his twenties perfoming in its native Italy, as well as in Mexico