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Francesco Crosara, is a Seattle-based Italian-born jazz pianist & composer who is making a significant impact on the jazz scene with a passion for creating and sharing innovative and soulful music. Crosara stands among the European-bred jazz greats, performing over the years with the likes of Lionel Hampton, Freddie Hubbard, Roy Hargrove, Richie Cole, Bobby Shew, Ira Sullivan, Don Menza, Von Freeman, John Heard, Gabe Baltazar, Bruce Forman, Barbara Morrison, Earl Palmer, Lilian Terry, and more.

Style – Crosara’s music draws from his European roots and blends his passion for world music and the influences of jazz piano greats like Chick Corea, Keith Jarrett, Herbie Hancock and Bill Evans. His ensemble has a unique sound that blends contemporary jazz with elements of classical, world music, and Latin grooves. Crosara’s performances are not just concerts, but a musical experience that engages the audience and evokes a range of emotions.

Latest Release – Crosara’s 2024 trio album “Circular Motion” (Origin/OA2 Records) includes fresh interpretations of some of his repertoire, composed over 40 years. The album has garnered positive reviews internationally, praising his versatility and skillful blending of different musical styles. The album features a variety of acoustic and electric rhythm sections that contribute to its rich, diverse soundscapes. It includes tracks influenced by global music traditions, such as flamenco, tango, and jazz samba, demonstrating Crosara’s broad musical palette and classical background.

Discography – Crosara’s discography includes seven international albums produced since 1992 with his trio debut “Energy”. In 1999, he released the acclaimed album “Colors” featuring Von Freeman on tenor sax, which received a 4-star rating from Downbeat. Other releases include “Emotions” in 2003 with Lilian Terry on vocals, “Notes: Piano Solo Live” in 2008, “Kurama: trio live in Japan” in 2009.


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“Francesco, your music is wonderful – always has been. Play what you love and saturate the world with it.Chick Corea

“A pianist who originally hails from Italy, Crosara is well-versed in bop lore, and his delicate flow might indicate a debt to Bill Evans.” Down Beat Magazine

The kind of sensitive swing seldom heard since Bill Evans. Crosara’s rubato meanderings are precious insights into his fertile imagination and harmonic daring.” ~ Jazz Times Magazine

“*EDITOR’S CHOICE* Chick Corea’s influence on Francesco Crosara can be heard throughout the Italian-born pianist’s recent recording Circular Motion (OA2). Like Corea, Crosara refuses to be pigeonholed as a straightahead or fusion jazz artist, but rather seamlessly combines their aesthetics and instrumentation throughout the album.”  JAZZIZ Magazine

“Crosara skillfully translates the grammar of each style into his own voice, respecting the particular origins of each composition.” Earshot Jazz, Seattle

“If you love the piano, you’re in for a treat!” Paris Move (France)

“The whole is heterogeneous in sound, that is obvious, but very homogeneous in inspiration and pleasure.”  Le Soir (Belgium)

“Over the years, Crosara has developed its visionary savoir-faire developed and refined in a perfect way” Jazz’N More (Switzerland)

“For his brand new album Circular Motion, Seattle-based Crosara has selected 10 of his compositions from the last 40 years with the idea of highlighting the nexus between early work with its simplicity and youthful appeal, to later works where he expressed richer harmonic textures and possibilities.”  Anne Carlini, Exclusive Magazine

“Crosara is faithful to his initial aesthetic. […] Rich in harmonic textures, they have a swing as unstoppable as the transalpine lyricism that naturally emerges from them.”  Culture Jazz (France)

“Circular Motion is a masterpiece that speaks passionately about the pianist’s past and future.”  Jazz Life (Japan)

“Each trio brings something unique to each of the songs, and for that reason, it is recommended to all fans of piano and piano trios. Each trio brings something different to their respective songs, highlighting different colors and a different feel to each song.”  Jazz Views (UK)

“With its global influences and international cast of musicians, Circular Motion takes us on a grand musical journey across continents and decades.”  Fra Noi Magazine, Chicago

“…an extremely successful album with beautiful compositions that are perfectly performed by excellent musicians”  RootsTime (Belgium)

“The pianist’s warm and inviting tone, clever compositional choices, and sublime sense of melody pave the way for a timeless recording. Funky elements and acoustic ‘positions’ in this engaging and varied program of original music.”  WIndout Magazine (Italy)

“Quite how Mr Crosara manages to effect such a perfect blend of technicality in composition and imagination in improvisational flights is a testament to his prowess as both composer and interpreter.”  Raul Da Gama, That Canadian Magazine

“Francesco Crosara is and remains true to himself, but the different trios still allow different timbres to be heard and the album remains sensitive and entertaining at every moment. As if he wanted to say the same thing in different languages.”  Kultur Port (Germany)