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  • Performances 2017-18: Washington

Since moving to Washington State at the end of 2016, Francesco has been busy performing in music scene in various formats at many venues, ranging from a benefit concert at the Admiral Theater in Bremerton, to appearances at Brother Don's, Mobster Mike's, Truelux, and more. This photo album from 2017 features many wonderful musicians that exemplify the warm spirit and the creativity of the Pacific Northwest: Mark Lewis, Milo Petersen, Dan Duval, Al Alto, Jeff Tassin, Tammy Frost, Jeff Winslow, Osama Afifi, Steve Bentley, Derick Polk, Steve Luceno, Ryan Donnelly, Ted Enderle, Chuck Easton, Dale Brown, Mike Slivka. Along with drummer Glenn Young, Francesco is currently performing with the piano trio "Jazz Impressions" on Friday nights in Keyport, WA (check the events section for a calendar of performances).